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Color Palette

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Branding & Company Identity

Branding is the most powerful marketing tool in the world. For individuals and businesses alike, establishing your brand can be the difference between success, and failure. Here at Hub Design we assist our clients with the process of developing their company identity. We make sure that your brand is visually communicating a message and connecting with your target audience.

Let us breath life into your vision using the 5 main elements of company branding!

Client: Circle Life Alliance

  1. Logos: Minimalist logo design with clean lines and geometric shapes. The circles represent the infinite circle of life.

  2. Typography: Modern font with a combination of thick and thin strokes to add character.

  3. Color Palette: The color purple is bold yet regal and communicates a message of prominence. It is elevated by the neutral black, white, and greys.

  4. Graphic Elements: Honey comb textured overlay to add character.

  5. Imagery: This brand packaging is designed to evoke an air of elegance and royalty.

Product Design

From startups to industry giants, we offer end-to-end product design for consumer products, technology products and soft goods. Our innovative product design is effective in researching industry trends and creating prototypes, before bringing a product all the way to the market. We design both digital and physical products at affordable rates!
  • Product Analysis
  • Concept Development
  • Prototyping
  • Retail Packaging
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2x2 Die Cut Sticker Design Option #1

2x2 Die Cut Sticker Design Option #1

2x2 Die Cut Sticker Design Option #2

2x2 Die Cut Sticker Design Option #2

*Call in today to talk to one of our specialist to start the process! +1.800.401.1812
4x2 Sticker Design

4x2 Sticker Design

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SEAMOSS Jar Mockup-clear.png
SEAMOSS Jar Mockup-2.png

12 oz. Mason Jar Mock-Ups

Building Brand Awareness

The challenges of the day have compelled consumers to shift their expectations more rapidly and completely than we’ve ever seen before. People are looking inward, elevating concepts of relationships and responsibility and re-evaluating their priorities. Now, many of them are applying their new mindsets to where, what and how they buy. Through their purchasing power, they are purposefully seeking to influence their communities in a positive way. What is it that matters to you the most? Let us embed that message into your branding!!!


A list of strategies to align your business with high standards and moral principals:

  1. Establish a social mission.

  2. Align yourself with non-profits in your community.

  3. Offer sustainable and eco-friendly products.

  4. Build a relationship with your audience. Share information and resources.

  5. Enagage in fair and ethnical business practices.

Let us help you build your Brand Awareness in a socially conscious manner!

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The Supreme Plan
Full Branding and Website Design Package!

The Supreme Plan has all the bells and whistles of our Master Plan with a complete Branding Package, and Digital Commerical included. Let us build a Company Identity from scratch or relaunch your current company with a complete rebrand from the ground up.